A fully-featured paywall plugin for WordPress.

Simple Paywall is the best metered paywall plugin available on WordPress supported by an incredible digitial subscription management solution.

Maximize your potential to turn visitors into subscribers
with a metered paywall.

Get Started

Choose from four paywall models to mix and match across your content.

Metered PaywallMost Popular

Offer a set amount of content before requiring a visitor to subscribe.

Hard Paywall

Restrict content entirely from viewers until they subscribe to a specific set of content.

Pay Per View PaywallComing Soon

Subscribers purchase a minimum amount and spend it on content they want to view.

Pay to DownloadComing Soon

Users pay a one time fee to download a copy of your content to keep.

Additional Features

Visitor/User Tracking

Leverage data collected on visitor and user behavior to maximize your conversion rates.

Marketing Tools

Change your messaging and the offering based on user behavior.

User Accounts

Require visitors to register for a (free) user account in order to enjoy restricted content.

Customize Restrictions

Choose from our many options on how you want to restrict content.


Entice your viewers to become subscribers by offering discounts to your plans.

SEO Friendly

Don't let your SEO suffer as a result of restricting content. Prevent prying human eyes but allow search engines to properly index your content.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Simple Paywall launch?

We've seen a very high demand in our prelaunch marketing efforts. We excited to announce that our beta release is currently open to select candidates. Please sign up to request an invitation to our beta release that is currently available.

Will there be a beta release?

Yes, our beta release is now available to select candidates. Sign up to request and invitation to try out Simple Paywall on your site.

How much does Simple Paywall cost?

Simple Paywall uses a revenue sharing pricing model in addition to a monthly/yearly license fee. Please review our pricing for more details. Our pricing starts at $0/month. That is, Simple Paywall is completely free to try and we don't make money until you make money.

How does Simple Paywall work?

Simple Paywall is a web app that integrates with your WordPress website via our WordPress plugin. Our WordPress plugin is packed full of features and settings that allow you to customize how you protect and monetize your content. Our software uses multiple data points collected from website visitors and users and uses this data to determine if they are allowed to access your content based on the configurations you have set for your protected content.

Do I need any coding skills to use this?

No. Not at all! Simple Paywall is very easy to set up and use. For more advanced users, you can use HTML/CSS to completely customize the look and feel of your paywalls, but this is entirely optional. Every new account comes with some prepopulated data to help you fast track getting started.

Do you offer any other payment gateways besides Stripe?

Not at this time but we are carefully evaluating additional payment gateways that we can include in the future.

What kind of support do you offer?

Simple Paywall offers free and unlimited support for all matters related to our software. We do not offer assistance with issue(s) that we deem to be unrelated to the use of Simple Paywall's software. You are required to use to our support ticket system.

My website is not on WordPress, can I still use Simple Paywall?

Our team is working hard to make our technology available to integrate with all websites in the near future. Please contact us and let us know of your interest in having Simple Paywall on your site.

Have any other questions?

We'd love to hear from you! Contact Us