Simple Paywall is a complete digital subscription management system that helps you entice visitors using a powerful metered paywall.
Simple Paywall is packed full of features that will help you monetize your content and drive growth.

Choose from our many paywall options...
Or mix and match as you choose.

Metered PaywallPopular

Sometimes refererd to as a soft paywall. Offer a set amount of content before requiring a visitor to subscribe.

Hard Paywall

Restrict content entirely from viewers until they subscribe to a specific set of content.

User Only Paywall

Restrict content to only visitors that have created a free user account.

Pay Per View PaywallOn the Way

Subscribers purchase a minimum amount and spend it on content they want to view.

Pay to DownloadOn the Way

Users pay a one time fee to download a copy of your content to keep.

Ad Paywall or "AdWall"On the Way

Require visitors to engage with an ad prior to viewing content. Or, offer an ad-free experience for subscribers.

Additional Features

Superior Tracking

Our proprietary tracking method can track visitors and the content they view, regardless if they use private browsing, clear their cache, or delete their cookies, preventing your paywall from leaking.

SEO Friendly

Our paywall is SEO safe. We don't block or prevent search engines from their critical role of indexing your site's content so you can still be found and ranked where you should be.


You can rest knowing that your plans set to autorenew will check beforehand that users have valid payment methods for an upcoming charge.


Start a subscriber off on a free trial or a discounted plan and automatically renew them to a full price plan when the trial is finished.

Custom Notices

Customize how you notify your visitors of their limited access to paywall content and the marketing messaging. Useful to let them know how many articles they have remaining.

Custom Restrictions

Customize how you restrict your content when a visitor or user is not authorized to view it. Redact the content, fade it out, or just plain redact it.

Limit Simultaneous Sessions

Worried about subscribers oversharing their account? Set the maximum number of simultaneous sessions that users may have. We also have some Device Limitation features coming down the pipe.

Unique Dashboard & ReportingOn the Way

Our unique dashboard and reporting provides you with invaluable feedback you can use to track KPIs such as average number of content items consumed by a user, among many more.

Public API

Have a mobile app or a third party web app that you want to integrate with Simple Paywall to provide a seamless paywall experience to users? Developers can access our secure API to bring Simple Paywall's restriction and tracking to your application.

PCI Compliant

Our digital subscription management system is completely PCI compliant. Our unique integration with Stripe ensures this. Complete payment information is never stored on our end nor does the data ever pass through our servers.

GiftingOn the Way

Allow visitors to purchase a product/plan and gift it to someone else. An invite email gets sent out to the recipient to get started and activate their account.

AutomationOn the Way

We know your time is valuable and is better spent on publishing content for your audience. You should be able to set it and forget it. Automatically add content to paywalls and plans based on the criteria you've set.

Bulk ImportOn the Way

Already have an existing user or subscriber base? Excellent! Use our bulk import tool to ease the hassle of migrating over.

PromotionsOn the Way

Entice your viewers to become subscribers by offering on-the-spot discounts to your plans.

Limit Access to Plans by CriteriaOn the Way

Restrict certain plans to those in a geographical area or by a certain demographic.

MailChimp IntegrationOn the Way

Automatically add visitors that create a user account with your MailChimp account for effective and up-to-date marketing lists.

Constant Contact IntegrationOn the Way

Automatically add visitors that register with your Constant Contact account for effective and up-to-date marketing lists.

Sales/VAT TaxOn the Way

Most states in the US can sell digital subscriptions without applying a sales tax. However, we know that's not the case in all states and some countries require the VAT tax. We've got you covered.

Dynamic OfferingsOn the Way

Leverage data to make special offerings to stubborn visitors that might be undecided and win them over to finally make a purchase with a unique offering.

GDPR Compliant

We are fully committed to data privacy and protection and are GDPR compliant. Please review our Privacy Policy for more information.

Manage IP AddressesOn the Way

Restrict IP addresses of visitors or users that abuse your services.

No Javascript Detection and Fallback

Prevent access to content even when a visitor turns javascript off in an attempt to bypass a paywall.

Our features are built with flexibility in mind so they're compatible with just about any kind of subscription or business model.